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Windows Repair 4.7.0

Windows Repair 4.7.0
Bangopah.com - Windows Repair is an application that is used to fix windows errors that are equipped with various tools in one application. that is, such as registry errors, malware and reset your Windows settings to default.

Often we get various problems that occur in the Windows operating system that we use. Whether it's because of a crash between software, or various other problems. The last way that is usually taken is to reinstall Windows. However, there is a free software that is worth trying before you decide to reinstall your Windows.
Windows Repair (All in One), this software has a variety of powerful tools and features to repair damaged Windows / errors.
This Windows Repair application basically works by restoring the Windows system to its original state. That way we can repair Windows without the need to reinstall. However, not all windows damage can be repaired by this application, if the damage is too severe, the steps to reinstall Windows cannot be avoided.

The way we should do to repair Windows with this program:
1. Clean the Laptop / Computer from Malware, viruses and so on.
2. Repair damaged File System on the Hard drive.
3. Run the System File Check (SFC).
4. Registry Backup & System Restore.
5. Start Computer Repair.

Operating system - Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Developer – conttenteler®


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