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WhatsApp 0.3.5374

WhatsApp 0.3.5374
Bangopah.com - Whatsapp is an instant messaging application that is quite popular and now users can open it directly from a PC or Laptop without having to install additional applications.
Some time ago WhatsApp officially introduced a new feature that allows us to use it on a PC, of ​​course this is good news especially for those who often use it not only to chat with friends, but for other purposes such as business or online sales for example.
Long awaited, desktop version of WhatsApp finally officially released. The announcement of the presence of a computer version of the chat application was delivered directly by CEO Jan Koum in a posting on his official Facebook account.
Initially, to be able to run it on a PC can only be done from the Google Chrome web browser, but then the developers provide the latest updates so that this feature can now also be opened from Mozilla Firefox and Opera. This feature can be enjoyed by users of Android, Blackberry, Nokia S60, Windows Phone, Blackberry 10 and Nokia 40.
As stated by Koum, users can directly access the service through a web browser or browser.

That means, users only need to have a browser on a PC device. For the initial launch period, Koum asked users to run the application through Google's browser, Chrome.
Being able to be accessed via a computer will certainly make us more comfortable when typing and reading messages, besides opening WhatsApp on a PC will certainly be more comfortable than via a smartphone because the screen size is larger so that we can easily see all contacts, reply or write messages .

Operating system - Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Developer – WhatsApp Inc

DOWNLOAD [32-bit] (117.54MB)
DOWNLOAD [64-bit] (121.04MB)

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