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Bangopah.comSlimBrowser is a small browser that uses the same display as Internet Explorer (IE). The difference, Having more features and a high level of security.

Some features of Slim browser:
1. File upload feature that allows us to upload files to an FTP server (File Transfer Protocol) without having to use FTP Uploader software.
2. Translate site content with the help of Google Translation and Babelflish Translation into various languages. This feature is integrated with an integrated dictionary (dictionary) from Merriam Webmaster and Real Academia.
3. Lock / autolock which prevents other users from accessing the computer when it is idle.
4. Blocker / unblocker, to block dangerous sites.
5. Local Weather, a feature to find out the weather conditions online without having to enter the site to provide weather updates.
6. Auto Login, useful for logging in automatically to websites, online shops, e-mails, e-commerce sites and forums.

7. Web Mail which is directly integrated with the Program mail client.

8. Clean All Trace, a feature to delete all traces of history, cookies and cache with just one click. unlike other browsers that require a few steps to perform this kind of function.

Operating system - Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Developer – FlashPeak Inc

DOWNLOAD PORTABLE  [32-bit] (43.13MB)
DOWNLOAD PORTABLE  [64-bit] (44.64MB)

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