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Bangopah.com - LibreOffice is a free office software and open source office application package that is compatible with applications such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice and is available on a variety of platforms.

Microsoft Office is very expensive! Everyone knows that. But because office software is one of the mandatory applications that must be installed on a computer, many people force themselves to buy Microsoft Office and are even willing to use the pirated version.
LibreOffice Features:
1. Office applications that can be downloaded for free.
2. Support more than 30 languages.
3. LGPL Public license, so you can use, modify, and copy it for free.
4. Full support from the free user support and developer support communities.
5. Libre Office is an open source community-driven project, where anyone can participate in developing this program to be better.
6. Has features and benefits that are almost the same as Microsoft Office.
7. Supports Java, the applications in this program are very compatible with the Java architecture that is most widely used to design the web today.
8. Nearly all Microsoft Office document formats can be read using LibreOffice.
9. The transition from the old release of LibreOffice to the latest release is far more friendly compared to other paid word processing programs. In some other word processing applications, files created with old releases are sometimes difficult to open in the latest release.

Operating system - Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8/10

DOWNLOAD [32-bit] (282.83MB)
DOWNLOAD [64-bit] (303.20MB)

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