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CPU-Z 1.90.1

CPU-Z 1.90.0

Bangopah.com - CPU-Z is a free diagnostic tool that provides information about the CPU and some of the main devices of your system, as well as monitoring the performance of software and hardware benchmarks on a PC or laptop.

Many laptop and computer users do not yet know their computer specifications, technology and type of processor, or memory, even though the information is very important when they want to upgrade some computer components. With CPU-Z, we can get complete information about computers in an easy way. This application can be run directly, without installation.

Once run, it will display information about all components installed on the computer. On the [motherboard] tab, we can see information about the motherboard, BIOS, and VGA card.

Details about memory, speed and latency, as well as its working mode (single channel or dual channel) can be viewed in the [memory] tab. While the [SPD] tab displays information about the memory module manufacturer and memory timings by default.

CPU-Z Key Features:
- Track CPU names and numbers
- Core process.
- Core voltage.
- Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier.
- L1 and L2 cache information.
- Mainboard: Vendors, models and revisions.
- BIOS model and date.
- Chipsets (Northbridge and Southbridge) and sensors.
- graphic interface.
- memory: Frequency and timings.
- Module (s) specifications using SPD (Serial Presence Detect): vendor, serial number, timings.
- Windows system and DirectX version.
- Intel CedarTrail platform.

Operating system - Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Developer – CPUID


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