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Comodo Dragon 77.0.3865.121

Comodo Dragon 77.0.3865.121

Bangopah.com - Comodo Dragon is a Chromium-based web browser, which is also used by Google's browser, Google Chrome. Because it's not surprising that both have the same appearance. Although the default themes are both different.
Comodo Dragon Browser Advantages:
1. Support Add-ons etc.
Don't worry about this one. Because it is based on Chromium, Comodo Dragon is compatible with add-ons, themes and other features intended for Chrome
2. Surfing Speed ​​and Toughness
This is the superiority of the Red Komodo. Comodo Dragon is faster and lighter than Chrome
3. Another excellent feature of Comodo is its safety features. As we know, Comodo is engaged in providing security software and that is also what is highlighted by this browser. This browser will check the certificate for a website when you want to visit it and ensure the security of the website. So that this browser will prevent us from visiting dangerous or doubtful sites. Thus we avoid the possibility of phishing, spreading viruses or other malware.

4. Security that exceeds the default default Google Chrome.
5. Great Domain Validator that is able to detect and provide recommendations regarding the sites you visit.
6. Able to block cookies and spy scripts (spyware) that exist on a site.
7. Prevents tracking of your browsing activities and history.
8. There is a Secure DNS integration from Comodo, which guarantees access speed, anti-blocking, and many other benefits.

Operating system - Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Developer – Comodo Group Inc
DOWNLOAD [32-bit] (86.15MB)
DOWNLOAD [64-bit] (89.02MB)

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