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Bangopah.com - BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) client designed efficiently to manage large downloads and high-quality files, such as videos, music, and games.

Compared to downloading files using a download manager, sometimes a torrent is an alternative way to download better. Especially if the file is large such as video files, ISO of the operating system, music, software and so on. The download speed that can be reached by a torrent is quite high when the seeder of a large number of downloaded files and of course your internet connection must be fast enough to maximize it.

BitTorrent client is a program that uses a torrent protocol and is able to create, request and transfer files over the internet network. To share files with others, the computer that installs BitTorrent creates a torrent. Where a torrent is a small file that contains meta data about which files should be shared and as a computer tracker that coordinates file distribution.

If we download a file from one server the same, the file will be split into small parts to be transferred to the client computer that downloads it, but the biggest difference from BitTorent compared to the conventional way is that the download process is not only served by one server but is divided into several servers that are connected to internet. Thus, this large file not only burdens one server but is shared with several clients who also become servers.

Operating system - Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Developer – BitTorrent Inc


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