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Q-Dir 7.97

Q-Dir 7.97

Bangopah.com- Q-Dir is a file management software based on Windows Explorer, but has 4 tabs at once in 1 window. Not only has 4 tabs at once, Q-Dir also has a variety of more functionalities that are not owned by Windows Explorer.

Files and folders are easier to manage, with the Simple & Practical Quadro View technique.
Deleting, renaming, duplicating, and copying are various activities carried out to organize and manage files. This activity is usually carried out with the help of Windows Explorer. If you already feel bored or feel Windows Explorer is unable to meet your needs in managing files.
It would be easy if all the folders that you want to access can appear in one screen. That way, you can see several contents of the folder at once, without having to move the window or tab.
Some Q-Dir Features:
1. Speed ​​up you in accessing the files that are most frequently accessed.
2.Has a Drag and Drop feature to move files.
3. You can copy paste between Q-Dir directory views and other programs such as MS Explorer.
4.Has popup menu access to desktp and my computer.
5. Set the amount of display on the screen
6. Give a different color for each file type (for example, blue for .exe, red for .txt, etc.)
7. Feature highlights filter to make it easier for you to find and select files.
8. Equipped with a preview of every file you access.

Operating system - Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Developer – SoftwareOK

DOWNLOAD INSTALLER [32-bit] (675.05KB)
DOWNLOAD PORTABLE  [32-bit] (675.61KB)
DOWNLOAD PORTABLE  [64-bit] (1.06MB)

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