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Pale Moon 28.7.2

Pale Moon 28.7.2

Bangopah.com - Pale Moon is a browser customization of the FireFox browser. Scripting code based on the FireFox coding is made simpler and certainly faster for browsing.

Pale Moon has interface features that are very similar to Firefox. But the difference is felt when you are browsing, because this program only uses a little memory from our computer. So this browser is up to 25% faster than Firefox.

This browser is built from a Firefox engine alias using the Firefox basecode. So it looks not much different from this seasoned browser.
With Pale Moon you can also install themes, addons and extensions just like in the Firefox browser.

Some Pale Moon Features & Strengths:
1. Very optimized for current processors.
2. Using 100% source from Firefox as a secure browser and has been developed for many years.
3. Uses lower memory.
4. Increase speed for image pages and process scripts from opened web.
5.Support SVG and canvas

Operating system - Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Developer – Moonchild Productions

DOWNLOAD [32-bit] (33.97MB)
DOWNLOAD [64-bit] (38.72MB)
DOWNLOAD PORTABLE [32-bit] (33.49MB)
DOWNLOAD PORTABLE [64-bit] (38.00MB)

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