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Microsoft OneDrive 19.174.0902.0013

Microsoft OneDrive 19.174.0902.0013

Bangopah.com - Microsoft OneDrive is a personal file hosting service that allows users to upload and synchronize files to the OneDrive Cloud.

Microsoft has just announced that it has renamed the cloud storage service SkyDrive. The cloud-based service will later be renamed OneDrive. Microsoft also announced the name change on its new site, OneDrive.com
The Microsoft OneDrive application (formerly called SkyDrive) creates folders on your computer that automatically syncs. Simply copy the file to your local OneDrive folder and it will automatically sync. You can make PowerPoint, Excel, and Word with OneDrive, and then share it using Hotmail. Files up to 300MB can be uploaded via a web browser or up to 2GB through the OneDrive application.
This program is a cloud computing service similar to Dropbox and Google Drive that allows users to upload and synchronize files to a cloud storage and then access them through a specific Web browser or device. This service is made by Microsoft and is part of the Windows Live online service and allows users to save their files privately, share them with people in contact, or make files public. Files that are shared publicly do not need a Microsoft account to access them.

Operating system - Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Developer – Microsoft Corporation

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