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KeePass 2.43

KeePass 2.43

Bangopah.com - KeePass is software program to help keep and manipulate your passwords in a database that is very safe and easy to use.

Normally within the use of numerous social media, or e-mails that require more than one account, we are able to record the username and password of every account in order now not to forget or get confused. Usually we will report it in our pocket book or in notepad. However in that way, your password can't be saved securely because it might still be recognized by way of others. Other human beings can see it freely while you forget to shop documents that incorporate your password. Nicely, one of the most suitable solutions is to use software program that may store your password safely.
With KeePass, your passwords may be encrypted using the excellent and most secure algorithm at the moment, particularly AES and Twofish. To open a database that carries a password, you need to get admission to it with a master password. So, by way of the use of this software, you handiest want to memorize one password for lots applications that you use.

KeePass capabilities and benefits:
1. Transportable model to be had (without installation)
2. Export statistics to TXT, HTML, XML and CSV report formats
Three. Import from diverse codecs, up to 25 codecs.
Four. Transferring databases could be very clean, simply transferring simply one report.
Five. There's a change / management of passwords within the institution.
6. Records on time of manufacture, amendment, access and attachment.
7. Car-kind, global vehicle-type hot key and Drag & Drop for smooth internet surfing.
8. Random generator, to generate random passwords which can be sturdy sufficient.
9. Open supply.

Operating system - Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Developer – Bruce Schneier

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