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Apple iTunes 12.10.2

Apple iTunes 12.10.2

Bangopah.com - iTunes is Apple's software that can also be used to play all digital music and videos for free on mac and PC. Syncs content for iPod, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

Apple first released iTunes in 2001 to help iPod owners manipulate their music collections. As the iPod evolved to support video and other capabilities, it became the main software that allows you to transfer music and other media to computers and iPods.
With an Internet connection, this program connects all media to your computer. You can buy and download mp3 songs, music videos, TV shows, films and other digital products with just a few clicks. This ease is the reason that Apple has made a major contribution to the company's profits.
One interesting feature of iTunes is its ability to create Smart Playlists.
Some iTunes features:
1. Arrange your music into a playlist
2. Editing file information
3. Record CD / DVD easily
4. Copy the file to an iPod or other digital audio player
5. Buy mp3s and videos on the Internet through Apple stores
6. Run the visualizer to display the graphic effect of the music
7.Encode music into several different audio formats..

Operating system - Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Developer – Apple Inc

DOWNLOAD [32-bit]  (202.43MB)
DOWNLOAD [64-bit]  (264.57MB)

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